What Advancements in Medicine Can We Expect to See This Year?

As technology is constantly evolving, pharmaceuticals will always keep pace step-for-step. It's always interesting to see what the newest advancements are going to be for the next year. Sometimes the predictions come true; sometimes they don't.

There are several medical advancements on tap for 2016 that could be potential lifesavers. Of course, the main thing people look for every year is whether there is a cure for cancer. We may still be several years away from that, but it seems like there are new predictions every year. Read on to find out what the hottest medical advancements and improvements in pharmacovigilance are for this year!
Clearing Brain Clots
When it comes to stroke treatment, there may not be a better tool than the new stent retriever. It is simply a wire with a mesh tip that can be guided through arteries and into the brain to remove the clot. When clot-dissolving drugs don't work, this new tool will save lives!
Cancer Vaccines
New immunotherapy cancer vaccines are designed to fight off cancer cells before they develop while leaving healthy cells unharmed. As you can imagine, this vaccine is getting a lot of attention since cancer is one of the few diseases that does not have a cure.
Pinpointing Cancer
Unfortunately, there isn't a single drug that can cure or prevent every type of cancer. However, there is a new drug that targets several cancer types, including lung cancer and bone cancer. This drug may not cure all cancer types, but it makes sense from a drug safety standpoint that there won't be a single cure for every type of cancer.
Sensors You Can Wear
The ability to wear a health sensor could be the difference between life and death. Sensors could help people with health issues detect a major problem before it surfaces. Knowing when there's a problem with your heart rate, body temperature or even glucose levels before a disaster strikes could ensure you get to a medical professional in enough time.
Better Screening
One of the top medical advancements this year will be improved screening for different diseases. Being able to detect issues before they become incurable could help save lives. The percentage of cancer survivors, for instance, is much higher when the disease is detected earlier rather than later.

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