Is It Possible to Improve Clinical Data Management and How?

Having an abundance of data and knowing what to do with said data are two different things. Many clinics make one or two people responsible for managing data, but some may not be doing it in a manner consistent with standard practices. What happens if the clinical data manager is out of the office and you need to locate something? Not being able to find data is just as bad as not having it at all. Managing clinical data can be overwhelming, but there are ways to improve data management.
Difficulties with Clinical Data Management
If you have a specific data analyst on your team, chances are they spend the majority of their time searching for data, rather than analyzing it. It's easy to throw data into a spreadsheet, but it may not be the most efficient way to organize it. The art of clinical data management comes down to reducing the amount of wasted time in order to give professionals the opportunity to do what they're best at and what they were hired for.
Develop a Clinical Analyst Team
The key to improved clinical data management is having a team of analysts, rather than one analyst alone. A team can come together with ideas to best organize the data within the organization and on network servers. If each analyst is responsible for a particular clinical sector, work can be done more efficiently. Instead of recreating reports and spreadsheets, you'll be able to better manage them by having an abundance of templates to use. Not only will this practice make analysts more efficient, it will also create consistency throughout the organization.
Make Data Available to Your Organization
It's never a bad idea to hold some type of clinical data management training for your organization. Training could occur in many ways, but the end result should be to make the data transparent to other members of your organization who may need to access it. Cross-training your clinical data manager is one of the best ways to ensure data will remain consistent and organized.

Our professionals at Unicon Pharma are experienced in the field of clinical data management. They understand the complexities and demands of managing data and can help your team become more efficient in improving data management. Contact us for more information.

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